Friday, December 19, 2008


My good friend and a conservative icon died on Thursday, December 18, 2009. I have been a part of the famed invitation only "Weyrich lunch" for more than a decade, and I came to know and love Paul not only for his views, but for his personal courage. He continued to fight for social conservative views and common sense economic policies even after the loss of both his legs some years ago. He was on a first name basis with congressmen, senators and presidents. All conservatives, particularly this one, mourn his loss. Read more about Paul Weyrich. Video and slide show gallery.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Republicans Win Three for Three

Conservative Republicans win three of three run-off elections after Obama win. One Senate seat in Georgia and two House seats in Louisiana go to Republicans.

For some badly needed good news, conservative Republicans swept to victory in three elections including two run-offs held on Saturday, December 6th.

Congressman-elect Cao wins in LouisiannaIn Louisiana’s 2nd District, voters rejected the corruption plagued Democrat incumbent, William Jefferson, and replaced him with the nation’s first Vietnamese representative to serve in Congress. Republican Anh “Joseph” Cao arrived in the United States at the age of eight, fleeing Vietnamese communism with his family after the fall of Saigon. As might be expected, Cao is a firm believer in American freedom and staunchly opposed to leftist ideology. He defeated nine-term congressman William Jefferson, who gained national fame when federal authorities discovered a large amount of cash in his freezer, and accused him of taking bribes from several U.S. companies. Jefferson is currently under indictment and awaiting trial.

Also on Saturday, Republicans picked up a win in the Louisiana 6th District, with the victory of Bill Cassidy , a medical doctor and good conservative. He defeated Democrat Don Cazayoux, who was the incumbent. Cazayoux had won his short lived seat in Congress in a special election in May of 2008 when he defeated a GING-PAC supported candidate. Dr. Bill Cassidy will be a real asset to the social conservative cause on Capitol Hill.

Finally, in a really big win for social conservatives, Senator Saxby Chambliss won re-election by a comfortable margin in Georgia. His win will deny Democrats a veto proof majority and make it harder for leftists in the Senate to push through radical social legislation. In the November election he did not get the 50% needed to win without a run-off according to Georgia law. Gov. Sarah Palin came to Georgia to rally support for him and even his opponent says her campaigning probably changed the outcome. Read Weekly Standard story !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here is what's at stake in the Senate election run-off to be held in Georgia on December 2, 2008:

A steam roller driven by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is about to roll over American culture, crushing religious freedom and freedom of expression, all protections for the unborn, as well as our second amendment rights and our national sovereignty. This is what they have promised.

We could lose our last line of defense against the radical homosexual and anti religious social agenda of Senate Democrats, if they win a veto-proof majority by defeating Senator Saxby Chambliss in the Gerogia run-off election. His one vote in the Senate can stop radical legisation because a 60 seat majority is needed. We have to draw the line here!

In the general election Senator Saxby Chambliss, in his bid to keep his Senate seat, did get more votes than all of his opponents, but it was a three way race so he did not get the required 50 percent. To defeat leftist leaning Jim Martin he needs our help.

GING-PAC has already sent Senator Chambliss $1,000 and we hope to send another check one day air soon. You can help by giving funds directly at his Internet site. HELP SAXBY NOW!

Gov. Sarah Palin to campaign for Saxby Chambliss! Read more

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader
Brand new book on Sarah Palin now available. Read more.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November, 2008 Campaign Update


Trent Franks - Arizona 2nd Won with 60% of the vote! He was the incumbent

Sydney Hay - Arizona 1st Lost. She ran against Democrat incumbent

Duncan Hunter, Jr.-CA 52nd Won open seat. Son of presidential candidate.

Tom Rooney - Florida 16th WON a Democrat seat with 60% of vote

Allen West - Florida 22nd Lost. He ran against Democrat incumbent

Paul Broun - Georgia 10th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 61% of the vote.

Bill Sali - Idaho 1st Lost. This would have been his second term.

Michele Bachmann - MN- 6th Won. Incumbent - she won despite being a target.

Jeb Bradley -New Hampshire 1st Lost. He ran against Democrat incumbent

Bob Straniere - New York 13th Lost. Seat had belonged to retiring Republican

Jim Jordan - Ohio 4th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 65% of the vote

Bob Latta - Ohio 5th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 64% of the vote.

Lou Barletta - Pennsylvania 11th Lost. He ran against incumbent Democrat

Chris Hacket - Pennsylvania 10th Lost. He ran against incumbent Democrat

Melissa Hart - Pennsylvania 4th Lost. She was trying to retake her old seat.

Pete Olsen - Texas 22nd WON a Democrat seat with 53% of the vote

Eric Cantor - Virginia 7th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 63% of the vote

Rob Wittman - Virginia 1st Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 57% of the vote

We won in ten of the eighteen House races in which we supported candidates. If Pennsylvania would not have gone so heavily for Barack Obama I believe we would have won perhaps all three of our races there.

The Republican Party defeated a total of four Democrat House incumbents. Of those four, GING-PAC was involved in two races, one in Florida and one in Texas. The Republicans also managed to win 18 of 30 open seats. We were involved in three of those races and we won two of those three. This may not have been a Republican year, but it was a conservative year. The Republican Study Committee lost seven incumbents, but picked up eleven new members. This means that the number of real conservatives in the Republican House caucus actually increased!

With the increase in the number of conservatives we may have a better chance at influencing the Republican leadership and moving them away from the direction of “borrow and spend” that caused them to lose the House back in 2006. The Republican Party had moved away from the “Republican Revolution” of Newt Gingrich and toward the “power at any cost” strategy of Speaker Dennis Hastert.


Bob Schaffer - Colorado Lost. He was running for open seat that was held by GOP

John Kennedy - Louisiana Lost. Almost knocked out incumbent Democrat

Norm Coleman - Minnesota Won! Close victory and there will be a recount.

Roger Wicker - Mississippi Won! This was a special election.

Elizabeth Dole - North Carolina Lost. We actually didn’t expect to win this one.

Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma Won! This was a great win with 57% of the vote.

Senator Jim Inhofe is one of our greatest allies in the Senate and he was targeted by the environmentalists who promised to spend millions to defeat him. In the end John McCain carried Oklahoma and Senator Inhofe received 57% of the vote. Roger Wicker also won the special election in Mississippi. Both he and Republican Thad Cochran were elected to the Senate in Mississippi.

John Kennedy came real close to winning in Louisiana and Bob Schaffer put up a great fight in Colorado, a state that was won by Barack Obama. The Democrats did not get the filibuster proof majority of 60 they had hoped for in the Senate. As of the writing of this update the Republicans had 53 seats; however there will be a runoff in Georgia in December and a recount in Minnesota.


Yes, we lost, but GING-PAC put up a good fight for social conservative votes. There was just no enthusiasm for John McCain among social conservatives and our campaign was more anti-Obama than pro-McCain even though Sarah Palin was on the ticket. Our special YouTube video commercials received a lot of interest. Our newscast at had almost 48,000 views as of the writing of this update. Our 30 second Internet commercial about Obama’s poor relatives he refuses to help at During the closing days of the campaign I was on numerous radio shows in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia as well as on some national shows. had more than 32,000 views.

Social conservative groups had to act alone to assist the McCain/Palin ticket. The McCain people virtually shut Palin up and social issues were not really discussed by the campaign. In the last two months of the campaign there was a total of ONE conference call to social conservative leaders. The K Street types that McCain had on his team hired a Muslim woman for “Arab American outreach.” What idiots. Three out of four Arab-Americans are Christians whose families fled Muslim oppression in the Middle East and they would not even talk to her. Conservative Muslims would not deal with her either because she was a woman.

Instead of talking social issues to blue collar folks in Pennsylvania, McCain delivered a message about tax cuts. I hate to break this news to the Republican leadership, but coal miners don’t really care how much tax Bill Gates or Warren Buffet has to pay. This was a sorry campaign and the results would have been even worse had not Sarah Palin been on the ticket.


There are going to be run-offs and special elections almost immediately. Just about all of our funds have been exhausted during the hard fought 2008 election cycle. We must prepare now for the upcoming fight to put more social conservatives in the House and Senate. Please send a check or give an online gift at .

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Freshman Republicans

THERE ARE NEW HOUSE REPUBLICANS - On Thursday evening I met with several of the "freshman class" of House Republicans. Earlier in the day the group elected Rep.-elect Steve Austria of Ohio to be president of their class in the 111th Congress. Of those present at the meeting Thursday evening, the political action committee I am chairman of had helped to elect three. GING-PAC assisted in the elections of congressmen-elect Duncan Hunter Jr. of California, Pete Olson of Texas and Tom Rooney of Florida. (Photo of myself with Duncan Hunter Jr.)

ROY BLUNT STEPS DOWN --For eight years Congressman Roy Blunt has served as Majority Whip in the House and for the last two years in the more difficult position as Minority Whip. During that time he has been an advocate of social conservative causes and has met almost weekly with conservative activists including me. This week I and other conservative leaders met with Congressman Blunt before he stepped down from the leadership position. He is replaced by his former deputy whip, Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia. Congressman Cantor is also a champion of social conservative values.

LAME DUCKS TO RETURN - This week was to be the last for the 110th Congress, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will call a special session in December to revisit loans to the automotive industry. NOTE: Mitt Romney may believe that Chinese and Indian car companies can replace GM and Ford, but the millions of Americans associated with the auto industry don't. Republicans blocking the loans at the request of radical pro-China free-market traders such as Mitt Romney will kill any chance of future Republican gains in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois where the bulk of American owned auto parts makers live. By stopping these loans to automakers the GOP told the Reagan Democrats to pack up and go home to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

K Street boys to blame, not Sarah Palin

In a brand new Op-ed Religious Freedom Coalition chairman William J. Murray points to the real reason of the failure of the McCain campaign, the "K Street" boys he hired to run it. These guys in their $2,000 plus suits did their best to shut Sarah Palin up to promote the agenda's of their other clients. As a result the social issues were not addressed in key states. Read William Murray's Op-ed as it appeared in newspapers this week. Read now !

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Barack Obama His Brothers Keeper

Senator Barack Obama said Americans need to be "… their brother's keeper …" Barack Obama's own brother, George, lives in a shack with a dirt floor in Kenya and makes $12 a year. Barack Obama's aunt, an illegal alien he writes of in his autobiography, lives in poverty in a slum area of Boston.

Multi-millionaire, Barack Obama will not help them … but he wants you to help them with your tax dollars. He wants to "spread the wealth," that is your wealth, not his.

Hear Barack Obama telling you to be his brother's keeper … See the latest SOUND THE ALARM NOW VIDEO at

Authorized and paid for by, a project of Government is Not God-PAC:

Contact: William Murray, or Janet (Folger) Porter at: Phone: 202.554.2358

Campaing Update - October, 2009


It is January, 2009 and President Barrack Hussein Obama has been sworn in as president of the United States. For days Islamic extremists have been dancing in the streets in Arab capitals. Partial birth abortion is cleared for federal funding and same sex marriage is declared legal in every state. Meanwhile a new FCC rule takes all conservative and Christian talk shows off the air. Watch this newscast and learn what the reality of a Barrack Hussein Obama presidency would be. It is available at . Please view it and then forward the address to everyone you can.

The video with radio host Janet Folger Porter accurately reflects the positions of Senator Barack Hussein Obama. This is a GING-PAC project that your donations are paying for. As a political action committee GING-PAC can spend an unlimited amount of funds to promote the election of the McCain / Palin ticket as long as there is no coordination with the McCain campaign. When I say we can spend “unlimited funds” I am referring to Federal Election Commission rules. REALITY: We can only spend as much as is donated for the Sound the Alarm Now project which has produced and distributed the new video. Get your donations in fast to help us warn America what a Barack Hussein Obama presidency will really be like.


How far in the tank can a daily newspaper be for a political candidate? In his book, Barack Hussein Obama admits to using cocaine. The New York Times has never attempted to investigate his level of drug addiction even though the usage was primarily in New York City. The Times could use its vast city network of reporters to find the drug dealers and those who used cocaine but they have not bothered. BUT ... The New York Times ran a lengthy story on Cindy McCain alleging that she had a miscarriage and that at one time had a problem with prescription drugs. The story showed the world exactly how sleazy the New York Times has become. To ignore the admitted cocaine habit of Barack Hussein Obama while publishing a major story about a minor prescription drug problem of Cindy McCain’s that occurred decades ago, is a disgusting level of journalism that the National Enquirer would not lower itself to.


GING-PAC has supported more candidates than are listed on our Internet site. GING-PAC is an all volunteer organization and sometimes the Internet site just can’t be kept current. It is a long and lengthy process to post all the information and links for an individual candidate. On page two you will find a complete list of all congressional and Senate candidates GING-PAC has actually written checks to.


Trent Franks - Arizona 2nd Incumbent. Heads Congressional Religious Freedom Caucus

Sydney Hay - Arizona 1st Challenger to pro-gay Democrat incumbent

Duncan Hunter, Jr.-California 52nd Open seat. Iraqi war hero, son of presidential candidate.

Tom Rooney - Florida 16th Challenger for seat of Democrat with numerous mistresses

Allen West - Florida 22nd Challenger running for seat in conservative district

Paul Broun - Georgia 10th Incumbent (Special election) social conservative leader

Bill Sali - Idaho 1st Incumbent hard core social conservative under attack

Michele Bachmann - MN- 6th Incumbent. Always on TV supporting our social issues

Jeb Bradley -New Hampshire 1st Challenger to far left incumbent. Strong pro-lifer

Bob Straniere - New York 13th Open seat. Only Republican seat in New York Seat. Must win!

Jim Jordan - Ohio 4th Incumbent pro-life leader

Bob Latta - Ohio 5th Incumbent (special election) A true social conservative

Lou Baretta - Pennsylvania 11th Challenger for seat lost to scandal in 2006

Chris Hacket - Pennsylvania 10th Challenger for seat lost to scandal in 2006

Melissa Hart - Pennsylvania 4th Running to retake seat lost on 2006. Pro-life and pro-marriage

Pete Olsen - Texas 22nd Challenger for Tom DeLay’s old seat in Sugarland. Must win!

Eric Cantor - Virginia 7th Incumbent - Chief Deputy Whip, strong social conservative

Rob Wittman - Virginia 1st Incumbent (special election) This is must win for us.


Bob Schaffer - Colorado Open seat. If we can win this maybe Colorado goes to McCain

John Kennedy - Louisiana Long shot but worth a try. Strong social conservative

Roger Wicker - Mississippi Appointed a few months ago. Supports school prayer etc.

Elizabeth Dole - North Carolina Votes pro-life. Alternative is VERY bad.

Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma Incumbent. Leftists spending millions to unseat him. Must win

While the individual candidates are great, there is an overall strategy as well. Note that we have supported more candidates in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia than anywhere else. That is because these are battleground states in the presidential election and the better conservative candidates do in these congressional districts the better the McCain / Palin ticket will do. On the Senate side we could not do that as readily because there were not any Senate seats in battleground states that we could really get involved in.

AND: Please don’t write to me that McCain is an establishment candidate that does not deserve our support. I am not a McCain fan, but we can live with him as president. On the other hand Barack Hussien Obama will bring real change in the form of a leftist thugery. If he is elected I fully expect him to be more like a Hugo Chavez than anyone else. The man is a dangerous leftist with extremist ties, and he makes Hillary Clinton look like a conservative! If he is allowed to appoint two or three Supreme Court justices, the nation will be in ruins. We need to stop him before or the damage he does the nation may be irreparable.


The minute you get this campaign update please send a check to help the Sound the Alarm Now project and the candidates listed above. You can get a gift to us faster at or we can take you contribution over the phone at 202.554.2358. Only days remain for us to continue our battle for the rights America’s families. Please help today!

Friday, September 19, 2008

September, 2008 - Campaign Update


For the last 18 months the majority of Americans have blamed the Republicans for the mess in Congress. As of August 1st most Americans believed the Republicans were in charge of Congress. But thanks to radical left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that has changed. When she announced the she and she alone would block a vote on offshore drilling to “save the planet” Americans started to wake up to the fact that Republicans were not in charge regardless of a Republican being in the White House. Just two months ago generic polls showed the Republicans double digits behind Democrats. The latest Gallup Poll shows Republicans 5 points up! What a turn around and it has mostly to do with oil.

Americans are fed up with the Obama - Democrat plan for energy which is NO to drilling, NO to coal mining and NO to nuclear. The liberals promoted “wind power,” but now oppose building power lines from the areas with a lot of wind to the big cities, saying that they are “bad for the environment.” The liberal solution is to raise the tax on energy, so people will use less of it.

Just after Congress returned from their summer break, the day after Labor Day, I had lunch with Congressman Adam Putnam. He is Chairman of the House Republican Conference and third in line in the House Republican leadership. The Conference Chairman is charged with articulating his party's message, and with building the agenda for Republicans in the House. He was elected to lead the Republican Conference by his fellow congressmen. This man knows what is going on.

Congressman Putnam told me that leftist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had scheduled just 15 work days for the rest of year. That is 15 total works days between Labor Day and the New Year. By the time you get this Campaign Update half of those will be over! She scheduled so few days despite the fact that most of the government's funding bills, which are already months late, need to be passed. Even bills to fund the military have not been passed. She has finally promised a bill on “offshore drilling” but it is a joke. All drilling within 50 miles of the shore will still be banned. That is where 90% of the oil is and she is aware of that.

The candidates we are supporting are looking better every day to the electorate. Seats the Democrats thought they were sure of winning are moving back to conservatives.

Lt Col Alan West We are now very confident that our candidate in Florida’s 22nd district will become the first black Republican in Congress since J.C. Watts of Oklahoma resigned to go back to private business. Lt. Col. Alan West retired from the military in 2004, and was a civilian advisory to the Afghan Army until 2007. In his Army career, Col. West has been honored many times.

Lt. Col. West received a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. He received his valor award as a Captain in Desert Shield/Storm.

As with all the candidates GING-PAC supports, I have spent one-on-one time with Lt. Col. West and I can assure you that he is a pro-life social conservative. His school age children attend a Christian school, and he is endorsed by pro-life groups in Florida. GING-PAC has already sent funds to his campaign, but you can help him directly. You can give contributions directly to the West for Congress campaign at: .

Bob Straniere for Congress Further north we have endorsed Bob Straniere who is running for the House in New York's 13th congressional district. I talked at length with him and I asked him directly about his pro-life credentials. He immediately told me he had run for state office on the Pro-Life Party ticket and had the endorsements of just about every pro-life organization and leader in New York. He is also endorsed by my good friend Duane Motley, who heads New York’s Family Research Foundation.

My research shows that Bob Straniere is one of the good guys, a real social conservative leader who we need on Capitol Hill. Straniere is running for the seat of Congressman Vito Fossella who is "retiring." Fossella is yet another Republican figure who was caught up in the scandal days of former Speaker Dennis Hastert. If elected, Bob Straniere will be the only Republican congressman from New York City. This is a must win seat because he would be “the” social conservative from New York City.

Bob Straniere has an extensive background in American government and politics, serving as a member of the New York State Assembly for 24 years representing the south shore of Staten Island. Bob served for 10 years (1995-2004) as the Floor Leader for the Assembly Republican Conference and as the Assistant Minority Leader. GING-PAC has sent funds to his campaign, but you can assist directly at: .

Other House candidates we are funding are: Todd Akin of Missouri; Michele Bachmann of Minnesota; Dr. Paul Broun of Georgia; Jim Jordan of Ohio; Bob Latta of Ohio; Melissa Hart of Pennsylvania; Bill Sali of Idaho and Rob Wittman of Virginia. In the last 30 days of the race we will assist others as well.


Just a few days before mailing this Campaign Update, I met once again with our Senate candidate in Colorado, former Congressman Bob Schaffer who continues to do well in the polls. This race is extremely important because it could help to determine the outcome of the presidential race. Colorado is a key “battle ground” and that is why the Democrats chose Denver for their Greek Temple crowning of Barack Obama as king of all that is far fetched and meaningless.

This Colorado Senate seat has been Republican for some time; however, hundreds of thousands of liberal Democrats have fled the high taxes of California and moved to Colorado. Now they want to make Colorado just like the state they fled. Republican Wayne Allard has retired, making this an open seat. This is a must win. GING-PAC will send additional funds to Bob Schaffer as they become available.


As a political action committee, GING-PAC can spend as much money as we can raise to promote the election of the McCain/Palin ticket. Gov. Sarah Palin has changed the character of this election and moved social conservatives back to the Republican ticket. We love the selection of Gov. Palin and will do all we can to assist the ticket.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Government Is Not God - PAC

PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid-September Campaign Update

MCCAIN AND OBAMA TAKE BREAK FOR 9-11 - The John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns set aside most of their campaigns on the seventh anniversary of the Jihad attack against the United States. The liberal media blitz against Gov. Sarah Palin did not pause . Liberals are accusing her of trying to ban books at a library (untrue); teach creationism in Alaskan public schools (untrue), and posing in a bikini with an assault rifle (also untrue despite the fact that CNN reported it). However, I did sort of like the cartoon of the Moose saying, "Be afraid, be very afraid.
I was driving past the Pentagon on 9-11 just as flight 77 hit. My remembrance of that day was published a year later. Click here to read my personal account of 9-11.

THE PALIN FACTOR - Polls of Europeans, particularly the British, had Barack Obama the three to one favorite over John McCain; that was before Sarah Palin entered the picture and reminded the Brits of their beloved first ever female prime minister, Margaret Thacher. The tone of the British press has changed somewhat as can be seen from a recent article in the Daily Mail titled, A pistol-packin' Looby Loo: the Left's worst nightmare.

JUST 15 DAYS TO LEGISLATE? - This week I had lunch with Congressman Adam Putnam. As Chairman of the House Republican Conference, Putnam is third in line in the House Republican leadership. The Conference Chairman is charged with articulating his party's message, and with building the agenda for Republicans in the House. He was elected to lead the Republican Conference by his fellow congressmen.

Congressman Putnam told me that leftist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had scheduled only 15 work days for the rest of year for the House. Of those days, only 14 are before the election and there is just one day of work after the election. She scheduled so few days despite the fact that most of the government's funding bills, which are already months late, need to be passed. Even bills to fund the military have not been passed. Meanwhile, Rep. Putnam said he does expect Pelosi to file dozens of bills to name post office buildings. Boy that sounds important!

SENATOR REID HAS PLANS? - Not much to report in the Senate at all. The Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, is not going to advance any legislation without the permission of Comrad Obama who is on the campaign trail and falling further behind the McCain/Palin ticket every day. Obama was going to showcase himself on the Senate floor with "education bills" but now does not have the time to come to Washington.

SENATOR BIDEN IN TROUBLE WITH BISHOPS - Two prominent U.S. Catholic bishops this week said that Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden contradicted church teaching. He said on a TV interview that determining when human life begins is a "personal and private" matter of religious faith not to be imposed on others. Read more. He is just one of many pro-abortion Catholics such as Nancy Pelosi in the Democrat Party.

Friday, September 5, 2008


This Op-ed by GING-PAC chairman William J. Murray was first published by the Free Lance Star on 9/5/2009

GRASS ROOTS AWAKEN 'TEAM TO FIGHT FOR' St. Joan of AK rallies a disorganized GOP

September 5, 2008 12:21 am



ST. PAUL, Minn.--

Before Ronald Reagan, Republican presidential campaigns were about two things: defense and lower taxes. The only grass roots workers the Grand Old Party had were military veterans. Almost all the funding for campaign advertising came from big American corporations, not individuals.

Because the party was about only defense and taxes, it was virtually impossible for it to control either the House or the Senate, so both remained for decades in Democratic hands. With enough national advertising paid for by Wall Street, the Republicans occasionally won the White House.

Then came Reagan with a coalition that included evangelicals and blue-collar pro-life Catholics. The Republican Party grew and grew, winning everything from judgeships in Texas and mayoral elections in Alabama to most governorships. Soon the GOP, with the help of the evangelicals and the pro-lifers, controlled almost two-thirds of all elected offices in the United States.

Unfortunately, control of Capitol Hill gave the GOP old guard and the K Street lobbyists a green light for corruption. After dumping reformer Newt Gingrich as House speaker, they installed one of their own, Dennis Hastert. He looked away from financial scandals and ignored sexual impropriety--even attempts at homosexual seduction of pages. In 2006, sex and financial scandals made a bleak election year even bleaker for the Republicans, and they lost control of both House and Senate.

It didn't help that President George W. Bush was distracted by a war going badly due to the poor advice of two Nixon-era Republicans--Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Meanwhile, the big corporate types wanted evangelicals out of the party because their country-club cronies disdained the new emphasis on family values.

With the party teetering near the edge, Mitt Romney came on the national stage with his scorched-earth brand of politics. During the 2007-08 primary season, he attacked fellow Republican candidates with campaign mudslinging and dirty tricks, including the use of paid surrogates, at a level never seen before. Virtually every segment of the party was injured, and evangelicals and pro-lifers prepared to sit out the entire election year.

The Republican Party, already in steep decline, was left with a candidate, John McCain, so damaged by Romney that he was unable to raise funds to defend himself against the far-left machine candidate, Barack Obama.

Then Gov. Sarah Palin entered the picture.

In August, the McCain campaign raised $16 million on the Internet. More than half came on a single day--the day McCain introduced Palin as his VP choice.

Palin brings in the support of hundreds of thousands of small donors and millions of campaign workers. She is a social conservative and a populist who does not tolerate corruption. Wall Street doesn't like her because she forced Big Oil to pay higher royalties for Alaskan oil, but people love her. In Alaska she has 80 percent approval.

The number of volunteers at McCain's regional offices has doubled since the announcement. Republican phone-bank workers who had not been heard from in years have showed up to help. The mood at the convention here changed from one of "we have to support this guy" to "we've got a winning team to fight for."

On the other side of the political spectrum, the Far Left is afraid of Palin because she is just like the average working mom in America. Her husband is a blue-collar oil worker, and her teenage kids get into trouble just like other moms' kids. She has one son in the Army headed to Iraq and a teen daughter who got pregnant before marriage. Those two kids alone bring millions of voters to the McCain-Palin camp.

Palin can also help the McCain ticket in a way nether Mike Huckabee nor Fred Thompson could: Romney and his surrogates had no opportunity to spend millions of dollars tarnishing her reputation during the primaries as he did theirs. The left-leaning media may try to do that job, but, again, Palin is too much the American mother to bash without a backlash.

With Palin the Republicans have a chance to stay in the White House for another four years, something that otherwise would be unthinkable with a president of the same party with only a 30 percent approval rating. Thus, the political party that has the image of the "white male party" may well be saved in 2008 by a female governor.

To boot, Palin can shoot a gun more accurately than Vice President Dick Cheney, or most other male members of the GOP.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sarah Palin Factor

(This is a small portion of an Op-ed that will appear in Newspapers on 9/5/2008)

Can Sarah Palin Fix the GOP?

In August the John McCain campaign raised $16 Million on the Internet. More than half of that was raised on one single day, the day that McCain introduced Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP choice. Mitt Romney had the help of some millionaire buddies who cared nothing about social issues, but Gov. Sarah Palin brings the support of hundreds of thousands of small donors and millions of campaign workers. She is a social conservative and a populist who does not tolerate corruption. Wall Street doesn’t like her because she forced Big Oil to pay higher royalties for Alaskan oil that is owned by the people of that state.

The far left is afraid of Gov. Palin because she is just like the average working mom in America. Her husband is a blue collar oil worker and her teenage kids get into trouble just like their kids. She has one son in the Army headed to Iraq and a teen daughter who got pregnant before marriage. Those two kids alone bring millions of voters to the McCain – Palin camp.

Sarah Palin can also help the McCain ticket in a way nether Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson could: Mitt Romney and his surrogates had no opportunity to spend millions of dollars tarnishing her reputation during the primaries as he had others. The left leaning media may try to do the job for him, but again, she is too much the American mother to bash without a backlash.

With Gov. Sarah Palin the Republicans have a chance to stay in the White House for another four years, something that would be unthinkable with a President of the same party that has only a 30% approval rating. It appears that the political party which has the image of being the “white male party” may well be saved in 2008 by a female governor. And, she can shoot a gun more accurately than Vice President Dick Cheney or most other male members of the GOP.

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin - Obama Picks Ego

MCCAIN WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX-Several weeks ago I discounted Gov. Sarah Palin as Senator McCain's pick for at my PAC site. Although she is very pro-life and a social conservative I had dismissed her for what I thought were some very petty acts while in office. Also, I just didn't think John McCain could think this far out of the box and that he would pick, like Barack Obama did, a fellow Senator. The pick of a true social conservative changes the entire dynamic of the campaign. Media bio of Palin

OBAMA CONTINUES TO DISPLAY EGO - I believe filling a stadium with 84,000 cheering fans, reminiscent of a Nazi rally in the 1930's, was a huge mistake for Senator Barack Obama. He continues to play the roll of rock star, but the luster is wearing off as voters start to look past the "Wow, a black guy for president!" feeling and start looking at what he actually believes. For example, Barack Obama is so extreme on abortion that in the Illinois legislature he voted to allow doctors to kill. Then there is that ego that went along with the Greek temple motif at the stadium. This was not a good night for the Democrats, even some of them agree. Read more

GOP CONVENTION - I will be reporting from the GOP convention in Minneapolis next week. I am scheduled to attend numerous events other than the convention itself, including receptions with candidates. I serve as the chairman of the all volunteer Government Is Not God - Political Action Committee. This PAC supports federal candidates for the White House and the Congress. Read about the political action committee.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is a Conservative Populist?

Government Is Not God - PAC chairman William J. Murray recently wrote an Op-ed which appeared in several newspapers on conservative populism. The Op-ed explains why both the Democrat and Republican parties fear conservative populists such as former Gov. Mike Huckabee. Read Op-ed here

Huckabee: Romeny wrong to approve same sex marriage

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee says that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Gov. Mitt Romney should not have complied with decisions by their state supreme courts that ordered legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Read more at CNS news!

Friday, August 22, 2008

August, 2008 - Campaign Update

MCCAIN CALLS FOR PRO-LIFE PRESIDENCY- At the forum held at Saddleback Church, best selling Christian author Pastor Rick Warren asked Senator John McCain at what point a baby is entitled to human rights. John McCain answered: "At the moment of conception. I have a 25- year pro-life record in the Congress, in the Senate. And as president of the United States, I will be a pro-life president. And this presidency will have pro-life policies. That's my commitment. That's my commitment to you."

$28,500 TO GLIMPSE "THE ONE" - Last Sunday Barack Obama collected $7.8 million at three fundraisers in San Francisco. At one event for VIPs he charged $28,500 per person to get a glimpse of him. Although I have no proof, I am told by sources that the men's and women's rest room signs at these events were changed to "Person Rest Stations." Read more

PELOSI'S DIVINE REVELATION - According to Nancy Pelosi, God has given her a revelation that He has "blessed" America with Barack Obama . Not only does Pelosi quote Scripture that does not exist, now she has word directly from God that he has chosen Barack Obama to be our leader. She also claims to be a Catholic who is pro-abortion and thinks men who practice anal sex with each other should receive marriage licenses. Read more

Friday, August 8, 2008

Is he "The One"

OBAMA ALMIGHTY - Obama's ego transcends even the willingness of the mainstream press to inflate it. Finally, some are poking fun at the man who manages to use the words "I" and "me" so many times in the same sentence that it causes grammar experts to get physically ill. Obama is so puffed up about himself that he has become a comedy target for the McCain Campaign. McCain's "The One" commercial has been viewed tens of thousands of times on the Internet. View "The One"

Meanwhile: There are two kinds of polls. There are the ones you have to pay to see and then there are the ones that the liberal media do that show Obama far in the lead. Rassmussen primium members see different numbers. For weeks Obama and McCain have been within one point of each other. Sometimes McCain is up one and sometimes Obama is up one. This is a far cry from CNN. Where does CNN poll at, their own news room?

July- August, 2008 - Campaign Update


The Washington Times is supposed to be “our” newspaper, the only true pro-Republican conservative newspaper in the nation. However, during the primary the paper just seemed to go bonkers over Mitt Romney. Apparently the "latter day" roots of the Washington Times have taken it to new depths in attacking "white" evangelicals. Few know that the newspaper was founded by cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon who served time in a federal pen for tax evasion during the Reagan years. His Unification Church requires members to sign all their earthly belongings over to it and the result is great wealth, the kind of wealth that can found newspapers. Moon portrays himself as the last of the “latter day” prophets. This could explain the vehemence against evangelicals as the Washington Times shamelessly promotes Mitt Romney, a member of another religion with a "latter day" prophet, as their choice first for president and now for McCain’s VP.

The Sunday, August 3, 2008 editorial in the Times bitterly labeled "white evangelicals” as bigots for trying to block Mitt Romney as McCain’s VP choice. This despite the fact that during the primary election about one-third of evangelicals voted for Romney, and only about forty percent for evangelical leader Mike Huckabee. This few points of advantage for Huckabee over Romney provided the proof for the Washington Times editorial staff that "white evangelicals” are bigots. On the other hand, 93% of Mormons having voted for Mitt Romney showed no bias at all.

The real bigots sit on the editorial board of the Washington Times. They simply dislike evangelicals and conservative Catholics, while favoring the economic conservative wing of the Republican Party, the wing exemplified by American Tax Reforms' Grover Norquist who is married to a Muslim and also maintains a vile hatred of evangelicals. For Norquist, a dollar is a dollar regardless of how much blood is on it, and that is how the big international companies are run today; there is no room for morals.

The bigotry in the conservative establishment against evangelicals is not confined to the editorial board of the Washington Times. Big businesses that support Republican candidates want nothing to do with the “pro-life nuts,” which translates to evangelicals and conservative Catholics. How can the Republican Party survive, when its own leadership and conservative publications such as the Washington Times direct hatred against social conservatives who represent a sizable portion of the base of the party? Who do they think will replace the evangelicals? The followers of Osama bin Laden or perhaps the animal rights nuts who recently tried to murder the families of scientists in California? Maybe homosexual activists or open boarder advocates?

The reality: the constant attacks on evangelicals by the Washington Times and conservative columnists such as Bob Novak show a political party in its suicidal death throes.

The Times editorial board and the economic conservative wing of the Republican Party seem to desperately want the return of Richard Nixon from the grave along with his drunken profane rants, as the example the party should follow. The party as Nixon knew it might win an election for dog catcher in Las Vegas now, but nothing on a national scale. Without a coalition that includes evangelical Christians, the GOP is RIP.


inhofe_wjm_sm.jpg The primary is over in Oklahoma and Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) won big. His likely opponent, state senator Andrew Rice was supposed to win big as well, but something went wrong. Rice won with 60% of the vote after spending nearly a million dollars, but a “perennial candidate” who spent less than $5,000 got the other 40% of the vote. This is good news for Senator Inhofe who is our candidate! Senator Inhofe is the man who took on Al Gore’s entire “green agenda,” and who has fought Senator Barbara Boxer tooth and nail as she has tried to ram though legislation that would cripple the middle class of this nation. (At left William J Murray and Senator Jim Inhofe.)

Former congressman Bob Schaffer is now doing very well in the polls in Colorado, with John McCain moving up as well. When I last wrote about Schaffer, Barack Obama was leading in Colorado by several points -- but that has changed along with the price of gas. There are huge shale oil deposits in Colorado that the Democrat Congress has put off limits for drilling. Thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue is being denied Colorado by the anti-energy Democrats. This is helping both Bob Schaffer and John McCain in Colorado. As of August 1st, McCain led Obama by several points in Colorado. As we raise more funds, we can send Bob Schaffer several thousand dollars more because our federal limit has not been reached as yet with him..


Just three days before the filing date for the primary, Woody Jenkins dropped out of the Louisiana 6th primary after losing by only a few votes the special election to replace Richard Baker. Jenkins had become a “national” candidate, and had the far left gunning for him because of his outspoken social conservative views. Also, he had “upset the cart” by forcing Louisiana to make it harder for dead people to vote, after voter fraud caused him to lose his Senate race six years ago. GING-PAC was heavily invested in Jenkins.

Our likely candidate is now Dr. Bill Cassidy. A state Senator, he had turned down requests to run in the special election to replace Baker, who had held the seat for three decades. After Jenkins withdrew, Dr. Cassidy decided to enter the race to avoid losing the seat for decades to come. He is a social conservative committed to the principles of free enterprise, limited government, lower taxes, and the right to bear arms. We are taking a close look at his campaign and may support him.

Several of our other candidates are doing very well including Melissa Hart in Pennsylvania and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. There are several other good social conservative candidates for the House we are looking at closely and will begin issuing checks to approved candidates in September. Right now GING-PAC is conserving and raising cash to use just before the general election in the most crucial races.


I just love to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC political news. All the panels have only one subject: “Why isn’t Barack Obama ten points ahead of McCain?” The media refers to itself as the “intelligencia” and believes that of course “Obama should win” because of the “bungling” of George W. Bush. McCain is virtually never mentioned. One newscaster said, “The election is about Obama,” and that I agree with. It is because the election is about Obama’s radical views and his association with radicals and racists that he will lose. The Democrats may have picked the only candidate that can’t beat John McCain.

MEANWHILE: GING-PAC needs your help. Right now we are "keeping our powder dry" and raising funds for September and October. The only check we issued in August so far was for $500 more to the Bob Schaffer in Colorado for him to post before the primary. It was important for him to have as much on hand as posible coming out of the primary to fight the extreme left that has set its sights on making that state permantly blue. Please donate online today or send a check to GING-PAC, PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013.