Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin - Obama Picks Ego

MCCAIN WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX-Several weeks ago I discounted Gov. Sarah Palin as Senator McCain's pick for at my PAC site. Although she is very pro-life and a social conservative I had dismissed her for what I thought were some very petty acts while in office. Also, I just didn't think John McCain could think this far out of the box and that he would pick, like Barack Obama did, a fellow Senator. The pick of a true social conservative changes the entire dynamic of the campaign. Media bio of Palin

OBAMA CONTINUES TO DISPLAY EGO - I believe filling a stadium with 84,000 cheering fans, reminiscent of a Nazi rally in the 1930's, was a huge mistake for Senator Barack Obama. He continues to play the roll of rock star, but the luster is wearing off as voters start to look past the "Wow, a black guy for president!" feeling and start looking at what he actually believes. For example, Barack Obama is so extreme on abortion that in the Illinois legislature he voted to allow doctors to kill. Then there is that ego that went along with the Greek temple motif at the stadium. This was not a good night for the Democrats, even some of them agree. Read more

GOP CONVENTION - I will be reporting from the GOP convention in Minneapolis next week. I am scheduled to attend numerous events other than the convention itself, including receptions with candidates. I serve as the chairman of the all volunteer Government Is Not God - Political Action Committee. This PAC supports federal candidates for the White House and the Congress. Read about the political action committee.

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