Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Freshman Republicans

THERE ARE NEW HOUSE REPUBLICANS - On Thursday evening I met with several of the "freshman class" of House Republicans. Earlier in the day the group elected Rep.-elect Steve Austria of Ohio to be president of their class in the 111th Congress. Of those present at the meeting Thursday evening, the political action committee I am chairman of had helped to elect three. GING-PAC assisted in the elections of congressmen-elect Duncan Hunter Jr. of California, Pete Olson of Texas and Tom Rooney of Florida. (Photo of myself with Duncan Hunter Jr.)

ROY BLUNT STEPS DOWN --For eight years Congressman Roy Blunt has served as Majority Whip in the House and for the last two years in the more difficult position as Minority Whip. During that time he has been an advocate of social conservative causes and has met almost weekly with conservative activists including me. This week I and other conservative leaders met with Congressman Blunt before he stepped down from the leadership position. He is replaced by his former deputy whip, Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia. Congressman Cantor is also a champion of social conservative values.

LAME DUCKS TO RETURN - This week was to be the last for the 110th Congress, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will call a special session in December to revisit loans to the automotive industry. NOTE: Mitt Romney may believe that Chinese and Indian car companies can replace GM and Ford, but the millions of Americans associated with the auto industry don't. Republicans blocking the loans at the request of radical pro-China free-market traders such as Mitt Romney will kill any chance of future Republican gains in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois where the bulk of American owned auto parts makers live. By stopping these loans to automakers the GOP told the Reagan Democrats to pack up and go home to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

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Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney wants to SAVE the automobile industry. Romney's proposal is to allow the Big 3 to RESTRUCTURE under bankruptcy protection, divest themselves of expenditures that, if left unchanged, will continue to drag on the inudstry, leading to its demise. Bankruptcy restructuring will ensure that America continues to manufacture automobiles for a very long time and prevent government from having to step in AGAIN to help this industry.

Mitt also proposes that Big 3 executives give up their corporate jets, corporate dining rooms, and expensive perks.

Romney wants to help the auto industry become, once again, a powerful component of our American economy.