Monday, December 24, 2007


Huckabee's bookcase cross versus McCain's cross drawn in the dirt

After the now famous (or infamous if you are a liberal) Christmas TV ad by Gov Mike Huckabee several other contenders for the White House including Hillary Clinton released their versions as well. Below are some of the most interesting. Note that Hillary Clinton is the only one promising to hand out gifts. Although John McCain featured a cross in his TV ad the liberal media has not mentioned it while beating up on Mike Huckabee for having a bookcase behind him "shaped" as a cross.

Mike Huckabee - What is really important
Barack Obama - Merry Christmas
Rudy Giuliani - Happy Holiday

Hillary Clinton - Presents
John McCain - My Christmas Story
John Edwards -Seasons

Saturday, December 22, 2007


By William J. Murray - Washington, DC

Even before controlling the Senate a battle was waged by Democrats to slow down or stop the confirmation of Circuit Court and District judges appointed by President George W. Bush. Since taking control in 2007, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid has brought the judicial confirmation process to almost a full stop. In 2007 only six Circuit Court judges were confirmed. Reid, who is a Mormon, has oddly set up religious tests for the judges. Judicial appointees from the south, particularly Baptists and Catholics from anywhere who have publicly spoken of their faith have been obstructed by Reid and his allies. The core issue for Reid and the Democrats is abortion and their own allegiance to the abortion industry.

Judicial confirmations have come to a virtual stop as Democrats who control the Senate await the arrival of a socially liberal President in 2009 who would appoint judges who are pro-abortion to vacancies in District and Circuit Court levels. There is a strong belief among liberal Senators that even if Hillary Clinton did not win the White House that another pro-abortionist, Rudy Giuliani, would. Even Mitt Romney, who as governor appointed mostly social liberal judges, would offer acceptable judicial appointments to the Senate Democrat leadership.

Then came Huckabee.

To the horror of Senator Harry Reid and the liberal establishment Governor Mike Huckabee has risen to the top of the Republican field and has favorable ratings among all voters that exceed those of Senator Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He also has an impeccable record as a three term governor of appointing socially conservative judges who stick to the Constitution, not international law. He has stood by and fought for Bush’s conservative judicial nominees from Arkansas including Leon Holmes whom Democrat Senators blocked for years.

Mike Huckabee has been unwavering in his pro-life stance, unlike the other top GOP contenders, including Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. Huckabee understands that abortion is the defining social policy issue in America today while the rest of the GOP field does not. While it took 30 years in the Republican Party for Mitt Romney to discover that an unborn child is a human being, Mike Huckabee has always had that understanding.

Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will appoint liberal judges who will pay no attention to the Constitution as they move to change America to their liberal internationalist view. Clinton or Obama appointees would no doubt forbid us from mentioning the name of Christ in public as can be seen by their outrage that Mike Huckabee would mention His name in a TV ad for Christmas. States would be forced to accept gay marriage and homeschooling would be found unlawful nationally as a judge has already done in Utah. Courts would probably force religious schools to hire homosexual gym teachers, teach evolution as fact and pass out condoms. Those same kinds of judges could be appointed by a socially liberal Republican president.

The next president of the United States will turn the Supreme Court either to the far left or maintain it as an institution that upholds the Constitution and individual liberty. The same holds true for important Circuit Court vacancies. The only logical choice for social conservative voters in the Republican Party is a candidate with a proven record of appointing and fighting for judges who are strict Constitutional constructionists. For now, many social conservatives believe the only viable candidate who meets those criteria is Governor Mike Huckabee.


William J. Murray is the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC and nationally know author. His latest book is The Pledge: One Nation Under God.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Campaign Update 2008 – December, 2007 Edition

Editor: William J. Murray


In the November Campaign Update I told you that I had attended receptions for Bob Latta (R-OH) and Rob Wittman (R-VA) here in Washington, DC and had personally handed both men checks to help with their campaigns. In both races special elections were set for December 11th of this year.

Both of these elections were important and we won both of them. These were not just Republican victories, these were victories for the social conservative movement. Both Bob Latta and Rob Wittman are solid pro-life social conservatives.

Rob Wittman a longtime officeholder in eastern Virginia, but a brand new first term member House of Delegates, had 61 percent to defeat Democrat Philip Forgit, an Iraq war veteran and former teacher who took 37 percent. Independent Lucky Narain, a member of the Army Reserves, took just 2 percent. Wittman managed to receive a greater percentage of the vote in Virginia’s 1st congressional district than did President George W. Bush in the last election.

Rob Wittman puts Jesus Christ first in his life and is not ashamed to tell people that. As for his pro-life stance he has publicly stated numerous times that he believes life begins at fertilization. He is a Boy Scout leader and has headed a men’s Christian organization where he lives. A graduate of Virginia Tech, he also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and is an expert on the Chesapeake Bay. He will be a great asset to the conservative cause. (At left Rob Wittman and William J. Murray in Washington, DC)

I live in Rob Wittman’s district. He replaces a dear friend of mine, JoAnn Davis, who died after a two year battle with breast cancer this year. We will all miss JoAnn in Washington.


The Democrats thought they were on a roll and actually believed they could win Ohio’s 5th district after the death of Congressman Paul Gillmor. They did not count on strong pro-life candidate Bob Latta who was a member of the Ohio legislature. (See other side for more)

Bob’s father, Del Latta, had held this 5th district seat for 30 years until 1988. After he stepped down Gillmor was elected for three terms before he died in a tragic fall in his home in Arlington, Virginia this year. Bob Latta received 57% of the vote running against Democrat Robin Weirauch. This was her third try at the seat. She had been beaten twice by Paul Gillmor. Although I had never worked with Del Latta, it is my understanding from those who did that his son Bob leans much more to the social conservative cause. Like Wittman in Virginia, Latta believes that life begins at fertilization.

Do these two off year victories matter that much? YES! The Democrats poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Ohio race trying to elect another pro-abortion candidate to help radical San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi redirect America to the far left. The radical Democrats financed by billionaires like George Soros believed the American people want a socialist America. Perhaps they should have read some polls. The Gallup organization’s recent poll found that only 20% approve of the job Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat Congress is doing. Why would the people want to add more Democrats? From the votes in Ohio and Virginia it is obvious that they don’t.


Just this week I attended an event put on by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List here in Washington. That organization specializes in helping elect pro-life women. Just 20 years ago there was just one pro-life woman in Congress, now there are 13. (There were 14 before JoAnn Davis died this year.) Attending that event were many congressmen that GING-PAC helped to elect.

Over the past few months I have been pessimistic about the chances of the Republicans taking back the House in the next election. I am beginning to change my mind. Despite the unpopular war in Iraq, the people are beginning to see what they got out of handing control of the House and Senate over to the radical left. The favorability numbers just keep going down for the Democrat Congress and many of their newly elected Members are already in trouble back in their home districts. We have an opportunity next November to elect pro-life, social conservative candidates to as many as 20 seats held by Democrats.



In an earlier update I said that if everyone who said, “I’d vote for Huckabee if I thought he could win,” would actually vote for Huckabee, he would win. Suddenly all those folks started to talk to each other and realized that was true. Huckabee is now number one in Iowa, South Carolina and several other states, and he is closing in nationally on Rudy Giuliani. One poll has him in a statistical tie for first place.

Why is Mike Huckabee’s message resonating? He didn’t have any money, his campaign was run on a shoe string budget, and he didn’t have any consultants to tell him what to say. Huckabee just answers the questions that are asked the best be can based on what he believes, and the people seem to like that.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is sinking in the polls. The more voters get to know her the less they like her. There is a chance she may not win in Iowa or New Hampshire. Barack Obama has Oprah on his side, but that is not going to win him the nomination. He has no executive experience and is a first term Senator. I am beginning to think there will be a dark horse getting the Democrat nomination, perhaps someone who is not even running yet.


Conservative political action committees such as Government Is Not God need to have a major war chest available for the elections in 2008. We cannot participate and help elect godly social conservative candidates without funds. As of today our PAC has less than $20,000 on hand and we need at least ten times that to be able to affect the outcome of House elections next year. The first 2008 primary is just one month away!

If we are going to have an impact and put real conservatives in the House and Senate, men and women such as yourself must get involved.


Please tell others about Government Is Not God - PAC. You can help by directing your friends and associates to our Internet site at Online contributions can be made at our Internet site!

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