Friday, August 8, 2008

Is he "The One"

OBAMA ALMIGHTY - Obama's ego transcends even the willingness of the mainstream press to inflate it. Finally, some are poking fun at the man who manages to use the words "I" and "me" so many times in the same sentence that it causes grammar experts to get physically ill. Obama is so puffed up about himself that he has become a comedy target for the McCain Campaign. McCain's "The One" commercial has been viewed tens of thousands of times on the Internet. View "The One"

Meanwhile: There are two kinds of polls. There are the ones you have to pay to see and then there are the ones that the liberal media do that show Obama far in the lead. Rassmussen primium members see different numbers. For weeks Obama and McCain have been within one point of each other. Sometimes McCain is up one and sometimes Obama is up one. This is a far cry from CNN. Where does CNN poll at, their own news room?

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