Friday, December 3, 2010

November - December, 2010 Campaign Update

            OVERVIEW -  This issue of the Campaign Update was delayed so we could publish complete results for the candidates we supported. A couple of our elections went to recounts and the last one was not decided until the last week of November when Rep. Dan Maffei (D-NY), first elected from New York's 25th Congressional District in 2008, conceded to Ann Marie Buerkle (R).  The final margin of victory for our candidate was just 567 votes out of more than 209,000 cast. Buerkle did not have the support of the GOP establishment; she was deemed to be too conservative to win. The GOP has picked up six seats in New York state so far. The 1st congressional district located on Long Island is still in dispute, and will probably be decided in court sometime next year.

            The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has set up an interactive map at its Internet site that reveals the 63 picked up in the House so far in the November election. This is a good tool that I recommend and it can be found at:
            Overall we did not do as well in the Senate as we had hoped. Our original candidate in Colorado, Jane Norton, is the former Lt. Governor and could have easily won in the General Election, but she was defeated by Ken Buck, a Tea Party favorite who was little known outside of just one Colorado county. Both were social conservatives and both pro-life. After Norton lost the GOP primary, we backed Ken Buck who just was never able to gain the statewide backing that Jane Nortan had. The result was a victory by the left. And in Nevada, Sharron Angle whom we had worked with for more than two years lost to Harry Reid. Sharron won virtually every county except for Las Vegas, where union bosses and the mafia controlled the ballot boxes. We also lost in California, Washington and West Virginia.
On the upside Marco Rubio, whom we backed well before any other national PAC, won in Florida. Marco stunned the media during his victory speech by spending the first five minutes talking about the Lord and how important God was to him and his family. Marco Rubio loves our Lord and our nation, and I believe he will be one of the most powerful political forces in the nation in the decade to come.

Two other powerful social conservatives who are pro-life won in the Mid-West. We backed Roy Blunt in Missouri and Dan Coats in Indiana. We can count on both of these men to be champions of pro-life and religious liberty issues.
While Lisa Murkowski has declared victory in Alaska, the Miller campaign has filed lawsuits to try to change the outcome of the election. I like Joe Miller, but he lost because he took advantage for his own family of social services he publicly criticized.  
MUCH MORE CONSERVATIVE: In January either 63 or 64 Republicans will take over seats which had been held by Democrats in the House. Many of the Republicans who won ran against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her radical economic and social agenda. The defeat for the left was stunning in more than one way. During the “Republican Revolution” led by Newt Gingrich in 1994 the GOP had a net gain of 54 seats, or ten less than in the 2010 cycle. More important is the quality and conviction of those elected in the 2010 cycle and three GING-PAC victories in Florida exemplify that.

In Florida we backed David Rivera in the 25th, Daniel Webster in the 8th and Allen West in the 22nd. Rivera is a strong pro-life social conservative whose ancestry is Cuban. Webster is a former preacher in the same vein as Gov. Mike Huckabee. He defeated the radical far left loon Alan Grayson who constantly embarrassed Congress with his outrageous floor statements. Allen West is a true American hero. You may recall that he was punished by the Army for firing a gun over the head of an Iraqi to obtain information on enemy movements. He was a field commander, a Lt. Colonel respected by his men and who got the job done. The left hates men like Allen West who love their country, particually when they are African-Americans. In the mind of leftists, African-Americans should be plantation slaves of the Democrat Party.  

Tom Marino in Pennsylvania is yet another example of a strong social conservative backed by GING-PAC, who won his race. We also had some very painful losses in the house such as Glen Urquhart in Delaware. There is only one House seat in Delaware and it had been held by Mike Castle who stepped down to run for Senate. Although very popular in the state among both Democrats and Republcians, Castle lost in the primary to Christine O’Donnell who in turn ran one of the worst statewide races for Senate I have ever seen. When O’Donnell lost, she took Urquhart down with her.

On the incumbent side GING-PAC won in all races, including Eric Cantor in Virginia and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. The far left went all out to knock off Bachmann because she had become a symbol of the Tea Party. It was Bachmann who called for Tea party demonstrations in Washingon, DC before the ObamaCare votes. Bachmann has become a lightning rod for attacks from the far left and a target of the “mainstream” media. At left is a photo of Michele Bachmann holding a copy of one of my books, The Pledge: One Nation Under God. Bachmann has been a champion of traditional values.

A complete list of GING-PAC candiates and their election outcomes is enclosed with this update. As mentioned about the only election we were involved in that has not been certified is the Senate race in Alaska. While Joe Miller is the more conservative of the two, Lisa Murkowski has told GOP leaders that she will caucus with Republicans next year.
            For the rest of the year the radical left is still in charge of the White House and both houses of Congress. Democrat leader Senator Harry Reid said his first priorities are to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military and to pass the Dream Act to allow the children of illegal aliens to receive subsidized college educations. Because the GOP does not control the Senate it will be difficult to stop a lot of the spending that has caused 40% of the federal budget to be covered with borrowed money that our kids and grandkids must repay.

To really change America we must change the occupant of the White House. America simply can’t afford Barack Obama! In the 2012 election cycle GING-PAC can make a difference, but only with your help. If we are going to have a GOP nominee for the presidency who is a strong pro-life social conservative we need to have cash on hand. In January the race will begin and GING-PAC must be a part of deciding who wins the GOP nomination. Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift at