Friday, March 20, 2009

March, 2009 - Campaign Update


Only a few days remain until the very important special election in the 20th District of New York, to be held March 31st. This race is a must-win for Republicans because the district, which includes Schenectady, is a Republican stronghold even though their last representative was a Democrat. The Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand, was conservative and a member of the NRA.

This is also an opportunity to have a real conservative represent the district.

The special election for Gillibrand’s seat is being held because of her appointment by Governor Paterson to fill the recently vacated Senate seat of Hillary Clinton.

The Republican candidate, Jim Tedisco, is a true conservative who is currently the Minority Leader of the NY Assembly. He has consistently fought for smaller government and lower taxes, and is also a reliable social conservative, having received a 100% rating from the New York Right to Life Committee. Tedisco is well known and well liked and has been running comfortably ahead of his Democrat opponent, Scott Murphy. A Siena Research Institute Poll the last week of February had Tedisco winning in every age demographic, even 18 to 34 year olds, and he even has a 14 point lead among Independents!

Not much is known about the social or political views of the Democrat Murphy, who is a venture capital manager. Never having held public office, he has no voting record, nor does he address any social issues on his website.

The outcome of this race should not be taken for granted, however. Whatever Scott Murphy may lack in the way of experience or name recognition, he does have powerful supporters, such as the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. He also has the wealth of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) behind him.

The DCCC seems to be conducting an almost entirely negative campaign. At the DCCC website devoted to Murphy, there were no links to news stories about him when I checked, and only a brief biographical sketch. There are, however, links to no less than 33 negative articles and stories about his opponent Jim Tedisco. There is also a slick, negative campaign clip that has run on television all over the state.

Democrats are somewhat anxious about this race, as it might be interpreted as a referendum on Obama’s economic policies, since Murphy is a strong supporter of Obama’s wild spending. Because of this it will be a very important victory for us. GING-PAC has sent funds to the Tedisco campaign. We will send additional funds if they become available.

OBAMA'S STEM CELL LIE- There is a huge difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cell research has provided real cures for real illnesses. I have met and shaken hands with a man who had all his Parkinson's disease symptoms relieved by adult stem cell treatment. On the other hand, embryonic stem cells have provided no cures and have actually caused injuries. The embryonic stem cell "science" is obsolete and there is just nothing there that will ever help anyone.

Why then did President Obama begin taxpayer funding of this obsolete science? He claimed he did it to cure five illnesses he listed, but it was adult stem cells that have yielded the cures in all five areas. Is Obama just flat out ignorant on the subject, OR is he satisfying the pro-death lobby in the Democrat party that wants to play with embryos to prove they are just cells and not real people? If that is the case perhaps Obama should invite a snowflake baby to the White House. Snowflake babies are adopted children who have developed from frozen embryos in suspended animation, the suspended animation that Obama wants to interrupt to kill them.

How does Obama’s entire life view differ from say, Ronald Reagan’s?

An American whose job it was to take notes at a summit meeting between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, recalled an attempt by our President to convert the Soviet leader from atheism. Rudolf Perina said, "Reagan thought he could convert Gorbachev, or make him see the light." The President used a story about how his own son was an atheist and how he would like to convert him to a view of faith.

Ronald Reagan was not only a believer, he was pro-life to the point that he actually wrote a pro-life book, titled Abortion & the Conscience of the Nation. We have come a long way from a president who was openly pro-life to one willing to destroy life for no rational reason at all. Even if he had moral grounds to order extermination of embryos, there is just no sound science to justify it at all. Even atheists should be against the waste of tax dollars.

Are we ready to get rid of this pro-death president who will do anything to satisfy the abortion industry and the mad scientists who want to experiment on human life? The answer is no. The Republican Party is a rudderless ship with no captain. No one can figure out who is in charge or in what direction the party is going.

Now is the opportunity for social conservatives to step forward and take command. For two long we have sat in the back of the bus while Wall Street drove us to Hell. We need to put Wall Street in the back of the GOP bus and we need to sit at the wheel, and that can only happen when our candidates win elections. To win we need funds.

Right now we are involved in the special election in New York’s 20th District and have the chance to bring a pro-life congressman to Washington. There are going to be other special elections, this year and next. But, just about all of our funds have been exhausted during the hard fought 2008 election cycle. We must prepare now for the upcoming fight to put more social conservatives in the House and Senate. Please send a check or give an online gift at

William J. Murray, Chairman
Government Is Not God – PAC
PO Box 77237
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