Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid-September Campaign Update

MCCAIN AND OBAMA TAKE BREAK FOR 9-11 - The John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns set aside most of their campaigns on the seventh anniversary of the Jihad attack against the United States. The liberal media blitz against Gov. Sarah Palin did not pause . Liberals are accusing her of trying to ban books at a library (untrue); teach creationism in Alaskan public schools (untrue), and posing in a bikini with an assault rifle (also untrue despite the fact that CNN reported it). However, I did sort of like the cartoon of the Moose saying, "Be afraid, be very afraid.
I was driving past the Pentagon on 9-11 just as flight 77 hit. My remembrance of that day was published a year later. Click here to read my personal account of 9-11.

THE PALIN FACTOR - Polls of Europeans, particularly the British, had Barack Obama the three to one favorite over John McCain; that was before Sarah Palin entered the picture and reminded the Brits of their beloved first ever female prime minister, Margaret Thacher. The tone of the British press has changed somewhat as can be seen from a recent article in the Daily Mail titled, A pistol-packin' Looby Loo: the Left's worst nightmare.

JUST 15 DAYS TO LEGISLATE? - This week I had lunch with Congressman Adam Putnam. As Chairman of the House Republican Conference, Putnam is third in line in the House Republican leadership. The Conference Chairman is charged with articulating his party's message, and with building the agenda for Republicans in the House. He was elected to lead the Republican Conference by his fellow congressmen.

Congressman Putnam told me that leftist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had scheduled only 15 work days for the rest of year for the House. Of those days, only 14 are before the election and there is just one day of work after the election. She scheduled so few days despite the fact that most of the government's funding bills, which are already months late, need to be passed. Even bills to fund the military have not been passed. Meanwhile, Rep. Putnam said he does expect Pelosi to file dozens of bills to name post office buildings. Boy that sounds important!

SENATOR REID HAS PLANS? - Not much to report in the Senate at all. The Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, is not going to advance any legislation without the permission of Comrad Obama who is on the campaign trail and falling further behind the McCain/Palin ticket every day. Obama was going to showcase himself on the Senate floor with "education bills" but now does not have the time to come to Washington.

SENATOR BIDEN IN TROUBLE WITH BISHOPS - Two prominent U.S. Catholic bishops this week said that Democratic vice presidential nominee, Senator Joe Biden contradicted church teaching. He said on a TV interview that determining when human life begins is a "personal and private" matter of religious faith not to be imposed on others. Read more. He is just one of many pro-abortion Catholics such as Nancy Pelosi in the Democrat Party.

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