Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here is what's at stake in the Senate election run-off to be held in Georgia on December 2, 2008:

A steam roller driven by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is about to roll over American culture, crushing religious freedom and freedom of expression, all protections for the unborn, as well as our second amendment rights and our national sovereignty. This is what they have promised.

We could lose our last line of defense against the radical homosexual and anti religious social agenda of Senate Democrats, if they win a veto-proof majority by defeating Senator Saxby Chambliss in the Gerogia run-off election. His one vote in the Senate can stop radical legisation because a 60 seat majority is needed. We have to draw the line here!

In the general election Senator Saxby Chambliss, in his bid to keep his Senate seat, did get more votes than all of his opponents, but it was a three way race so he did not get the required 50 percent. To defeat leftist leaning Jim Martin he needs our help.

GING-PAC has already sent Senator Chambliss $1,000 and we hope to send another check one day air soon. You can help by giving funds directly at his Internet site. HELP SAXBY NOW!

Gov. Sarah Palin to campaign for Saxby Chambliss! Read more

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader
Brand new book on Sarah Palin now available. Read more.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November, 2008 Campaign Update


Trent Franks - Arizona 2nd Won with 60% of the vote! He was the incumbent

Sydney Hay - Arizona 1st Lost. She ran against Democrat incumbent

Duncan Hunter, Jr.-CA 52nd Won open seat. Son of presidential candidate.

Tom Rooney - Florida 16th WON a Democrat seat with 60% of vote

Allen West - Florida 22nd Lost. He ran against Democrat incumbent

Paul Broun - Georgia 10th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 61% of the vote.

Bill Sali - Idaho 1st Lost. This would have been his second term.

Michele Bachmann - MN- 6th Won. Incumbent - she won despite being a target.

Jeb Bradley -New Hampshire 1st Lost. He ran against Democrat incumbent

Bob Straniere - New York 13th Lost. Seat had belonged to retiring Republican

Jim Jordan - Ohio 4th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 65% of the vote

Bob Latta - Ohio 5th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 64% of the vote.

Lou Barletta - Pennsylvania 11th Lost. He ran against incumbent Democrat

Chris Hacket - Pennsylvania 10th Lost. He ran against incumbent Democrat

Melissa Hart - Pennsylvania 4th Lost. She was trying to retake her old seat.

Pete Olsen - Texas 22nd WON a Democrat seat with 53% of the vote

Eric Cantor - Virginia 7th Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 63% of the vote

Rob Wittman - Virginia 1st Won. Incumbent - we held seat with 57% of the vote

We won in ten of the eighteen House races in which we supported candidates. If Pennsylvania would not have gone so heavily for Barack Obama I believe we would have won perhaps all three of our races there.

The Republican Party defeated a total of four Democrat House incumbents. Of those four, GING-PAC was involved in two races, one in Florida and one in Texas. The Republicans also managed to win 18 of 30 open seats. We were involved in three of those races and we won two of those three. This may not have been a Republican year, but it was a conservative year. The Republican Study Committee lost seven incumbents, but picked up eleven new members. This means that the number of real conservatives in the Republican House caucus actually increased!

With the increase in the number of conservatives we may have a better chance at influencing the Republican leadership and moving them away from the direction of “borrow and spend” that caused them to lose the House back in 2006. The Republican Party had moved away from the “Republican Revolution” of Newt Gingrich and toward the “power at any cost” strategy of Speaker Dennis Hastert.


Bob Schaffer - Colorado Lost. He was running for open seat that was held by GOP

John Kennedy - Louisiana Lost. Almost knocked out incumbent Democrat

Norm Coleman - Minnesota Won! Close victory and there will be a recount.

Roger Wicker - Mississippi Won! This was a special election.

Elizabeth Dole - North Carolina Lost. We actually didn’t expect to win this one.

Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma Won! This was a great win with 57% of the vote.

Senator Jim Inhofe is one of our greatest allies in the Senate and he was targeted by the environmentalists who promised to spend millions to defeat him. In the end John McCain carried Oklahoma and Senator Inhofe received 57% of the vote. Roger Wicker also won the special election in Mississippi. Both he and Republican Thad Cochran were elected to the Senate in Mississippi.

John Kennedy came real close to winning in Louisiana and Bob Schaffer put up a great fight in Colorado, a state that was won by Barack Obama. The Democrats did not get the filibuster proof majority of 60 they had hoped for in the Senate. As of the writing of this update the Republicans had 53 seats; however there will be a runoff in Georgia in December and a recount in Minnesota.


Yes, we lost, but GING-PAC put up a good fight for social conservative votes. There was just no enthusiasm for John McCain among social conservatives and our campaign was more anti-Obama than pro-McCain even though Sarah Palin was on the ticket. Our special YouTube video commercials received a lot of interest. Our newscast at had almost 48,000 views as of the writing of this update. Our 30 second Internet commercial about Obama’s poor relatives he refuses to help at During the closing days of the campaign I was on numerous radio shows in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia as well as on some national shows. had more than 32,000 views.

Social conservative groups had to act alone to assist the McCain/Palin ticket. The McCain people virtually shut Palin up and social issues were not really discussed by the campaign. In the last two months of the campaign there was a total of ONE conference call to social conservative leaders. The K Street types that McCain had on his team hired a Muslim woman for “Arab American outreach.” What idiots. Three out of four Arab-Americans are Christians whose families fled Muslim oppression in the Middle East and they would not even talk to her. Conservative Muslims would not deal with her either because she was a woman.

Instead of talking social issues to blue collar folks in Pennsylvania, McCain delivered a message about tax cuts. I hate to break this news to the Republican leadership, but coal miners don’t really care how much tax Bill Gates or Warren Buffet has to pay. This was a sorry campaign and the results would have been even worse had not Sarah Palin been on the ticket.


There are going to be run-offs and special elections almost immediately. Just about all of our funds have been exhausted during the hard fought 2008 election cycle. We must prepare now for the upcoming fight to put more social conservatives in the House and Senate. Please send a check or give an online gift at .

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Freshman Republicans

THERE ARE NEW HOUSE REPUBLICANS - On Thursday evening I met with several of the "freshman class" of House Republicans. Earlier in the day the group elected Rep.-elect Steve Austria of Ohio to be president of their class in the 111th Congress. Of those present at the meeting Thursday evening, the political action committee I am chairman of had helped to elect three. GING-PAC assisted in the elections of congressmen-elect Duncan Hunter Jr. of California, Pete Olson of Texas and Tom Rooney of Florida. (Photo of myself with Duncan Hunter Jr.)

ROY BLUNT STEPS DOWN --For eight years Congressman Roy Blunt has served as Majority Whip in the House and for the last two years in the more difficult position as Minority Whip. During that time he has been an advocate of social conservative causes and has met almost weekly with conservative activists including me. This week I and other conservative leaders met with Congressman Blunt before he stepped down from the leadership position. He is replaced by his former deputy whip, Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia. Congressman Cantor is also a champion of social conservative values.

LAME DUCKS TO RETURN - This week was to be the last for the 110th Congress, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will call a special session in December to revisit loans to the automotive industry. NOTE: Mitt Romney may believe that Chinese and Indian car companies can replace GM and Ford, but the millions of Americans associated with the auto industry don't. Republicans blocking the loans at the request of radical pro-China free-market traders such as Mitt Romney will kill any chance of future Republican gains in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois where the bulk of American owned auto parts makers live. By stopping these loans to automakers the GOP told the Reagan Democrats to pack up and go home to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

K Street boys to blame, not Sarah Palin

In a brand new Op-ed Religious Freedom Coalition chairman William J. Murray points to the real reason of the failure of the McCain campaign, the "K Street" boys he hired to run it. These guys in their $2,000 plus suits did their best to shut Sarah Palin up to promote the agenda's of their other clients. As a result the social issues were not addressed in key states. Read William Murray's Op-ed as it appeared in newspapers this week. Read now !

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Barack Obama His Brothers Keeper

Senator Barack Obama said Americans need to be "… their brother's keeper …" Barack Obama's own brother, George, lives in a shack with a dirt floor in Kenya and makes $12 a year. Barack Obama's aunt, an illegal alien he writes of in his autobiography, lives in poverty in a slum area of Boston.

Multi-millionaire, Barack Obama will not help them … but he wants you to help them with your tax dollars. He wants to "spread the wealth," that is your wealth, not his.

Hear Barack Obama telling you to be his brother's keeper … See the latest SOUND THE ALARM NOW VIDEO at

Authorized and paid for by, a project of Government is Not God-PAC:

Contact: William Murray, or Janet (Folger) Porter at: Phone: 202.554.2358

Campaing Update - October, 2009


It is January, 2009 and President Barrack Hussein Obama has been sworn in as president of the United States. For days Islamic extremists have been dancing in the streets in Arab capitals. Partial birth abortion is cleared for federal funding and same sex marriage is declared legal in every state. Meanwhile a new FCC rule takes all conservative and Christian talk shows off the air. Watch this newscast and learn what the reality of a Barrack Hussein Obama presidency would be. It is available at . Please view it and then forward the address to everyone you can.

The video with radio host Janet Folger Porter accurately reflects the positions of Senator Barack Hussein Obama. This is a GING-PAC project that your donations are paying for. As a political action committee GING-PAC can spend an unlimited amount of funds to promote the election of the McCain / Palin ticket as long as there is no coordination with the McCain campaign. When I say we can spend “unlimited funds” I am referring to Federal Election Commission rules. REALITY: We can only spend as much as is donated for the Sound the Alarm Now project which has produced and distributed the new video. Get your donations in fast to help us warn America what a Barack Hussein Obama presidency will really be like.


How far in the tank can a daily newspaper be for a political candidate? In his book, Barack Hussein Obama admits to using cocaine. The New York Times has never attempted to investigate his level of drug addiction even though the usage was primarily in New York City. The Times could use its vast city network of reporters to find the drug dealers and those who used cocaine but they have not bothered. BUT ... The New York Times ran a lengthy story on Cindy McCain alleging that she had a miscarriage and that at one time had a problem with prescription drugs. The story showed the world exactly how sleazy the New York Times has become. To ignore the admitted cocaine habit of Barack Hussein Obama while publishing a major story about a minor prescription drug problem of Cindy McCain’s that occurred decades ago, is a disgusting level of journalism that the National Enquirer would not lower itself to.


GING-PAC has supported more candidates than are listed on our Internet site. GING-PAC is an all volunteer organization and sometimes the Internet site just can’t be kept current. It is a long and lengthy process to post all the information and links for an individual candidate. On page two you will find a complete list of all congressional and Senate candidates GING-PAC has actually written checks to.


Trent Franks - Arizona 2nd Incumbent. Heads Congressional Religious Freedom Caucus

Sydney Hay - Arizona 1st Challenger to pro-gay Democrat incumbent

Duncan Hunter, Jr.-California 52nd Open seat. Iraqi war hero, son of presidential candidate.

Tom Rooney - Florida 16th Challenger for seat of Democrat with numerous mistresses

Allen West - Florida 22nd Challenger running for seat in conservative district

Paul Broun - Georgia 10th Incumbent (Special election) social conservative leader

Bill Sali - Idaho 1st Incumbent hard core social conservative under attack

Michele Bachmann - MN- 6th Incumbent. Always on TV supporting our social issues

Jeb Bradley -New Hampshire 1st Challenger to far left incumbent. Strong pro-lifer

Bob Straniere - New York 13th Open seat. Only Republican seat in New York Seat. Must win!

Jim Jordan - Ohio 4th Incumbent pro-life leader

Bob Latta - Ohio 5th Incumbent (special election) A true social conservative

Lou Baretta - Pennsylvania 11th Challenger for seat lost to scandal in 2006

Chris Hacket - Pennsylvania 10th Challenger for seat lost to scandal in 2006

Melissa Hart - Pennsylvania 4th Running to retake seat lost on 2006. Pro-life and pro-marriage

Pete Olsen - Texas 22nd Challenger for Tom DeLay’s old seat in Sugarland. Must win!

Eric Cantor - Virginia 7th Incumbent - Chief Deputy Whip, strong social conservative

Rob Wittman - Virginia 1st Incumbent (special election) This is must win for us.


Bob Schaffer - Colorado Open seat. If we can win this maybe Colorado goes to McCain

John Kennedy - Louisiana Long shot but worth a try. Strong social conservative

Roger Wicker - Mississippi Appointed a few months ago. Supports school prayer etc.

Elizabeth Dole - North Carolina Votes pro-life. Alternative is VERY bad.

Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma Incumbent. Leftists spending millions to unseat him. Must win

While the individual candidates are great, there is an overall strategy as well. Note that we have supported more candidates in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia than anywhere else. That is because these are battleground states in the presidential election and the better conservative candidates do in these congressional districts the better the McCain / Palin ticket will do. On the Senate side we could not do that as readily because there were not any Senate seats in battleground states that we could really get involved in.

AND: Please don’t write to me that McCain is an establishment candidate that does not deserve our support. I am not a McCain fan, but we can live with him as president. On the other hand Barack Hussien Obama will bring real change in the form of a leftist thugery. If he is elected I fully expect him to be more like a Hugo Chavez than anyone else. The man is a dangerous leftist with extremist ties, and he makes Hillary Clinton look like a conservative! If he is allowed to appoint two or three Supreme Court justices, the nation will be in ruins. We need to stop him before or the damage he does the nation may be irreparable.


The minute you get this campaign update please send a check to help the Sound the Alarm Now project and the candidates listed above. You can get a gift to us faster at or we can take you contribution over the phone at 202.554.2358. Only days remain for us to continue our battle for the rights America’s families. Please help today!