Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama's Payback to His Big Donors Exposed

OBAMA'S PAYBACK TO HOMOSEXUALS - This week Barack Obama signed the Defense Authorization Bill that included special rights and protections for homosexuals. The bill authorized grants of $100,000 to investigate hate crimes, the grants to be given to local and "tribal" law enforcement agencies. Careful reading reveals the following: A local agency only gets additional grant funds if it is investigating a "hate crime." There will now be a huge spike in "hate crime" investigations as local agency that are cash strapped try to get the funds. Homosexuals were given the special protections and rights in the Defense Authorization as a payback by Obama for the many millions of dollars donated to him, much of it illegally, by homosexual groups. Read more  
OBAMA THE GOLF GUY - President George W. Bush suffered from media attacks for participating in any recreational activity while our troops were in harm's way. There has been virtually no news media reports on the 24 golf outings by Obama. Even less attention has been paid to the identities of those who play golf with him, such as UBS America's CEO Robert Wolf. (UBS is a Swiss Bank) The CEO had raised half a million dollars for Obama and his bank got a sweetheart deal with the IRS. Obama has also given the keys to the White House bowling alley to his top donors, and he watched a 3-D movie with them in the White House movie theater. Read more

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