Tuesday, October 6, 2009


GOP candidate does not receive special election endorsement

Washington, DC, October 7. 2009 - Government Is Not God, the nation’s oldest political action committee for social conservatives, has endorsed Doug Hoffman for the vacant House seat in New York’s 23rd congressional district. GING PAC chairman William J. Murray said, “There are three candidates in the special election for the 23rd district and only one is a conservative; that conservative is Doug Hoffman. He has a proven track record as both a social and fiscal conservative. GING-PAC is proud to join with other social conservative and pro-life groups in endorsing Doug Hoffman.”

Doug Hoffman for Congres NY-23Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has demonstrated his commitment to family values and has shown strong leadership in community affairs as well as a keen business sense. Raised by a single mom, Doug Hoffman served in the Army and worked his way through college before starting a successful business career. Today he heads Hoffman Family Enterprises, which includes six accounting firms and a variety of other successful businesses. He understands the burden government is placing on working families and small businessmen, and the danger posed by radicals bent on destroying the rich cultural heritage of our nation.


GING-PAC chairman William Murray was critical of Republican leaders who pushed the district’s Republicans to accept liberal Diedre “Dede” Scozzafava as their candidate. There was no primary. Murray said, “Dede Scozzafava is an unacceptable candidate for social conservatives because of her strong support of abortion and same-sex marriage. Economic conservatives cannot support her because of a long record of profligate spending and support of higher taxes.”

Scozzafava has raised very little money from individuals, but has received contributions from some of the same unions that strongly support President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, namely the AFL-CIO and ACCORN affiliated SEICUS. She has been elected to the New York House on the Family Workers Party ticket which is a far left radical party supported by ACORN. Her husband is the regional president of the AFL-CIO.

“GOP leaders seem to have taken their conservative base for granted, figuring they can get liberals to vote for Scozzafava instead of the Democrat candidate. This strategy won’t work; liberals are not going to abandon the Democrat party on November 3rd to vote for Scozzafava.” Murray said.

It is fortunate that there is a strong third party available in New York to field a candidate that is an alternative to the two liberals that the Democrat and Republican Parties have put forward as candidates in the 23rd.

For more information: Doug Hoffman for Congress

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