Thursday, July 15, 2010

June-July Campaign Update

WHO'S YOUR DADDY? - Rory Reid is running for Governor of the state of Nevada. But you wouldn’t know his last name was Reid from his bumper stickers, banners and other materials for his campaign which simply say “Rory 2010.” His biography on his campaign website makes no mention of his father, Senator Harry Reid. The two have rarely been seen together this election year and when President Obama showed up to campaign for Harry Reid, his son Rory was hundreds of miles away at a campaign event of his own. Harry Reid has less than a 50% favorability rating in Nevada and much of that is not strong. Son Rory will lose if he is associated with dad Harry.

What happened to Reid after five terms as a Senator? For much of those thirty years he was able to lie to the people of Nevada. He ran as a conservative Democrat and then was a radical on national issues. The liberal newspapers in Nevada did not report on who and what Harry Reid actually was. Then Reid was elected Majority Leader in the Senate and became a national figure; he was headlined for his support of a radical social agenda and his support of the socialist ideas of Barack Obama. The people of Nevada learned what Harry Reid was all about.

Our candidate in the race to oust Senator Harry Reid is former state legislator Sharron Angle. GING-PAC endorsed Angle and sent her funding long before she was “discovered” by the Tea Party. We backed Angle against several wealthy Republicans in the race including the favorite of the Republican establishment, whom they believed would win because he was “moderate.” But Republicans in Nevada were not looking for a lightweight semi-conservative who did not stand up for social conservative principles. Sharron Angle is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, stands against amnesty for illegals and wants to overturn ObamaCare and shut down the Obama spending spree before the nation is driven into bankruptcy.

Defeating Reid and replacing him with Sharron Angle, who is a true conservative, is at the top of our agenda. As a PAC we can only send Angle $5,000 for the general election. However, GING-PAC can spend as much as can be raised to support her election with advertising, direct mail and telephone campaigns as long as we do not “coordinate” with her campaign. For example, we can call all those known to support pro-life organizations asking them to register and vote for Sharron Angle. The Nevada Senate race will be the number one race for GING-PAC this fall.

OTHER SENATE RACES – In June, Senate candidates supported by GING-PAC also won primaries in California and South Carolina. Senator Jim DeMint is the only Senate incumbent we are supporting, but he is very important to social conservatives particularly now that Senator Sam Brownback is leaving to run for Governor of Kansas. Senator DeMint is a powerful pro-life voice and an advocate in the Senate for the Christian heritage of our nation. He has even authored social conservative books such as Why We Whisper: Restoring Our Right to say it’s Wrong. Because of his strong stand on social issues he will be a Democrat target this November.

CALIFORNIA - Our candidate, Carly Fiorina won the GOP primary in California and will face the far left environmentalist nutcase Barbara Boxer in the General election. In the Senate, Boxer chairs at her own request the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. She is an Al Gore worshipper who believes the entire planet is in meltdown and the only way to save the Earth is to destroy what little industrial base the United States still has. To this end Boxer is a champion of “cap and trade” which is the nutty idea that carbon dioxide can be reduced in the atmosphere if businesses pay a tax into a fund that supports forests in Russia or Brazil. In reality her plan is to make energy so expensive people will use less of it. Of course the poor are hurt by this plan. Boxer is also one of the pro-abortion powerhouses in the Senate.

Carly Firoina has been endorsed not only by GING-PAC, but by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, “in recognition of her firmly pro-life values.” Gov. Sarah Palin is also campaigning for Carly. As I have mentioned before Carly Fiorina is the only Senate candidate in California to make it clear at her Internet site that she is pro-life, believes life begins at conception and says marriage is only for one man and one woman. If someone with the support of Sarah Palin, who is as socially conservative as Carly Firoina wins in California it will mark a huge shift in American politics and send a wave of fear over the far left. We must win this seat!

COLORADO – Our candidate, Jane Norton, has fallen behind in the polls in Colorado and the reason has stunned me. Although she is the most conservative candidate and a real pro-life social conservative the Tea party movement is endorsing her opponent. The Tea party moved away from Norton because her sister is married to an establishment insider Republican fund raiser in Washington, DC. Although I have great respect for those in the Tea party movement, I really question the logic of turning against a conservative because of who her sister is married to. Norton has held state wide office in Colorado before and can win in November. Her opponent, Ken Buck, is the Weld County District Attorney who has never run for a federal office or operated a statewide campaign. On the abortion issue Buck is on the moderate side but still pro-life.

ARIZONA – In Arizona we continue to support J.D. Hayworth for the Senate because we believe that Senator John McCain has served long enough and has switched positions just once too often. In the past McCain was not only a supporter of “comprehensive” immigration reform he helped to write the bill that would have allowed millions of illegals to jump to the front of the line and become citizens while those who acted legally had to wait. Now that parts of his home state have been taken over by gangs of illegals running drugs and other contraband, McCain suddenly sees reality in this election year. I know McCain well and to be honest I don’t trust him on this and other issues. If reelected he will work a deal with Obama on amnesty which will bring millions more to the USA illegally at a time that nearly ten percent of Americans are unemployed.

MISSOURI AND THE REST – I am very encouraged by the progress congressman Roy Blunt has made in Missouri. Currently Blunt is about five points ahead of liberal incumbent Senator Jean Carnahan despite campaign assistance to her from Barack Obama and ACORN. This month I will be meeting with Congressman Blunt again and hope to hand him a check for several thousand dollars for his campaign. GING-PAC plans some independent work in Missouri as well. Roy Blunt is a strong social conservative and will consistently vote on behalf of social conservatives. His primary is August 3rd and he will win by a wide margin. The Kansas primary is also on August 3rd where we are supporting Congressman Todd Tiarht. This race is tight as the GOP establishment wants “moderate” Congressman Jim Moran to replace the very conservative Senator Sam Brownback who is leaving to run for governor.

THE HOUSE – In the July-August update I will cover the House races we plan to work in for the General election. We have numerous questionnaires that are still being reviewed, but I can say that the number of House candidates GING-PAC will support will more than double from those on the enclosed list of supported candidates.


To have impact in these races, it is crucial that we have additional funds. Please send a check to help today, or give an online gift or send to GING-PAC, PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013


Anonymous said...

"On the abortion issue Buck is on the moderate side but still pro-life."

That's simply not true. Ken Buck doesn't support abortion for rape or incest. He wants the government to force women who have been violated to give birth. That's not a moderate stance.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely worrying that not a single mention of science or engineering is included in your list.

Are these subject not important any more?