Saturday, November 14, 2009


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swore in Bill Owen, the unofficial "winner" even though the race has not yet been certified. She did this because the unofficial "loser" conceded defeat early because he believed the returns. But as fraudulent votes for the Democrat are being tossed out and absentee ballots from the military are being counted the "win" by Owen is evaporating. The Conservative Party candidate backed by GING-PAC, Doug Hoffman, conceded when he thought he had lost by 5335 votes but he is now trailing by less than 3,000 votes. If the final total puts Hoffman in the lead, some experts believe that Bill Owen would be forced to relinquish his House seat.

"We’ll certify whatever the counties tell us is their numbers, and we’ll communicate that to the clerk of the House," John Conklin, spokesman for the New York State Board of Elections told an upstate newspaper. If Hoffman is certified the ultimate winner by the New York State Board of Elections Speaker Pelosi, being as dishonest as she is, will probably refuse to seat him. After all, she did seat Owen with no certificate from his state. The board of elections will certify the result at its December board meeting.

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