Saturday, February 9, 2008

Huckabee's Super Tuesday Win

On Super Tuesday night I was at Mike Huckabee’s headquarters at the Clear Channel Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. When the first numbers came in from Georgia cheers went up from the crowd that had gathered. As time went by it became apparent that Mike Huckabee was going to win every state that he had the funds to campaign in. Even in states he was unable to visit he was receiving double digit support and claiming second place in others.

The news media had been streaming into Little Rock all day as exit polls showed a clear comeback for the man who had been dismissed by the media after a second place finish in South Carolina and falling to forth in Florida. All major outlets including Fox News had declared the Republican primaries a “two man race” between McCain and Romney. Meanwhile Mitt Romney continued his constant negative attacks on Mike Huckabee using surrogates such as Washington insider Paul Weyrich to declare that Huckabee was just “splitting the conservative vote” to allow McCain to win.

At about nine o’clock individuals close to the campaign including myself were escorted onto the stage in preparation for a statement by Gov. Huckabee. We he came onto the stage the crowd went wild shouting “Mike is back, Mike is back.” It took some time before Mike Huckabee was able to settle down those gathered and make his statement.

In typical Huckabee fashion he said, “The media said it is a two man race and it is, they just got the wrong two men.” With that the crowd once again began to chant. In his usual manner Mike Huckabee was gracious not only to his opponents but to all those who had continued to believe in him even when the pendants and press had declared his campaign dead.

There were more than 25 television cameras set up. So much press had showed up that a second press stand had to be set up on one side of the auditorium. The main press stand at the back had filled to overflow.

Mike stayed as long as he could after speaking to greet supporters before going to the area the campaign had set up for TV interviews. A special room had been set aside for those of us who were longtime supporters of his presidential campaign. We watched in amazement as the various networks that had declared his campaign dead and who had stopped sending reporters to cover his events interviewed him. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CSPAN and even CBS ran long interviews with Mike who made it clear it was now him and McCain and that Romney, despite spending over 100 million had not done well. Romney had outspent Mike Huckabee by 15 to 1 buying off many Washington insiders.

GING-PAC chairman William Murray and Ed RollinsI had talked to Mike Huckabee’s national campaign manager Ed Rollins the day before Super Tuesday. This is the ninth presidential campaign Ed Rollins has worked on including Ronald Reagan’s. Men who have trained under him include Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. He has seen just about every kind of conduct from candidates and he told me that Mike Huckabee treats everyone around him with kindness and respect.

Although Ed Rollins is a practicing Catholic I have never known him to be an outwardly spiritual man. Yet, it was a spiritual experience that brought him to the Huckabee campaign. At age 65 he asked for God’s direction in his life and was guided to Mike Huckabee’s campaign for president.

Very few of those who work on the campaign are paid. Attorneys give up their valuable time to take phones to listen to the problems of voters at polling places. CEO’s of corporations sit next to high school students working on phone banks to get out the vote. Virtually every yard sign for the Huckabee campaign has been printed at the expense of those who are passing them out. The Huckabee campaign has spent just $1.00 for every $15.00 spent by multi-millionaire Mitt Romney and the results in delegates is about the same.

In the last two months Government Is Not God – PAC has spent over $50,000 in support of Mike Huckabee. The night before Super Tuesday we paid for the calls to 187,000 pro-life households in Georgia asking them to turn out to vote for Mike. We did our part in the victory he had on Super Tuesday.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. We can do more, but we need your help now to replenish our funds. We need to help Mike in other primaries and we have other pro-life congressional candidates to help as well. Please give today at .

William J. Murray, Chairman

NOTE: Although I have personal relationships with Gov. Huckabee and membes of his staff there is no coordinated activity between GING-PAC and the Huchabee campaign. Any telephone, radio or print campaings by GING-PAC promoting the Huckabee campaign are not discussed in advance with anyone associated with Gov. Huckabee.

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