Thursday, November 15, 2007

Campaign Update 2008 - Special Election Update

Virginia and Ohio Special Election - December 11, 2007

My name is William J. Murray and I am the chairman of both the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Government Is Not God Political Action Committee. Every week I write a legislative update for the Religious Freedom Coalition that is available on the Internet at and In that legislative update I write about issues important to social conservatives. But as chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition the law forbids me to recommend that conservatives vote for a godly candidate over a secularist who wants to destroy the Christian heritage of this nation.

That is why I founded Government Is Not God - PAC in 1994 as the first completely social conservative political action committee that supports only candidates who fill out a questionnaire proving that they are pro-life and will defend the traditional values of our republic.

Government Is Not God- PAC does not get involved in county, city or state elections. The PAC only backs candidates for federal office. Normally the Campaign Update contains the names and backgrounds of candidates we support. This month I have written more of an overview of the upcoming presidential election and I hope you find it enlightening. Most often I write about specific House and Senate races.

In the past we have helped elect men such as Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas who is the undisputed champion of the pro-life movement in the Senate. We have worked on the campaigns of dozens of congressmen including Todd Akin of Missouri; Trent Franks of Arizona; Thelma Drake of Virginia; Michele Bachmann of Minnesota; Jim Jordan of Ohio and many more. Congressman Akin leads the fight for the Pledge Protection Act and Trent Franks works tirelessly for the conservative cause in the Judiciary Committee.

On December 11, 2007 important special elections will take place in Ohio and Virginia. I have mentioned these special elections in the enclosed update. It is my hope and my prayer that you will consider supporting the Government Is Not God - PAC so that we can in turn support men like Ron Wittman and Bob Latta. And remember: Just a small contribution will keep you on the mailing list to receive these monthly updates and perhaps you will learn of other social conservative candidates you will want to support in 2008.

Make you contribution at this secure location.

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